Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Mini Herbs :(

After chasing up delivery of a herb collection I ordered in January for delivery in early March I finally received them this morning.

I'm amazed that a company sells such teeny tiny plug plants for the cost. I paid £6.95 for this


Look at the lovely established plants on the site. I wasn't expecting a huge established plant but I'm still shocked by the parcel that arrived.


The original plan was to chuck them straight into the herb bed, but I've potted them on for now to give them chance to establish first.


After all the hassles of repeatedly chasing customer service for some kind of ETA on my plants, plus the quality of the delivered product compared to other companies, I don't think I'll be using Marshalls again.


  1. we ordered strawberry plants from them this year, we received a bunch of 'twigs' tied together in a small jiffy bag, no soil or anything, they looked dead. fortunately they are all thriving now but i was very miffed! don't think i'll order from marshalls again either! x

  2. Best place to buy herbs is Jekka's! Never settle for anything but the best ;)

  3. I got some similar sized flowering plants from Fothergills via a Gardeners World magazine offer, including a buddleia which cost £9 and had only four tiny leaves on a twig when it arrived early in the season! The flowers had better be good, I'm telling you:-)
    But have you thought about the postage and packing costs on these things? I send homeopathic remedies to my patients, jiffy bag 78p and postage 58p (at the Large letter rate when it's really quite small and compact - just not flat enough to go through the diddy slot at the Post Office) before I even count the prescription and time to fulfil...
    And at least the plants don't take up too much precious space in the greenhouse while they're growing on:-)