Friday, 13 February 2009

Worms Incoming!

I had a 10% off voucher for Ebay that expired on the 12th Feb and I told hubby that if we didn't need anything else by then I would get some worms for the compost.

Nothing else cropped up so I order 500g Dendrobeana worms and they arrived today :) The postman knocked on the door and said 'Here's your worms' hehe


Compost bin number 1 in current condition


Compost bin number 2 in current condition




The plan is to turn the compost completely over during the weekend, and amalgamate both bins so we can leave it to compost through with regular turning. Then the spare bin will have new stuff in. The compst bins were used to bin food and garden waste long before we even thought of growing fruit and veg, and we didn't really know what we were doing. So we need to extricate some uncompostable material and aerate it through to speed things up. Lovely job....for the hubby ;)

The urine trick seems to be working on the foxes too, no more damage so far! Fingers crossed :)

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  1. When I scan read this from my blogger dash, I thought you had 500 gold worth of worms! Game addict, I know!