Sunday, 19 October 2008

Busy Busy Day

It was supposed to have been a productive weekend, but we took yesterday off to catch up on some sleep after seeing Bill Bailey in London.

So today, has been extra productive

Hubby cutting up Polythene

After taking all the glass out. We kept the panes in at the bottom as they're in pretty good nick.

My attempts at raking up leaves. Filled 3 bin bags to make leaf mould over the next two years, half hour after I finished it looked like I'd never even touched the rest will be going in the compost next week. The trees the leaves are coming from look like they have a couple of weeks more of falling to do.

Polythene starting to go up. The job was a lot more difficult in practise than our initial idea, but was worth it I think. Lots of nails, silly corners, running out of staples and having to use our 'study' stapler to finish was fun ;)

Sellotape works really well as a patch when you accidentally rip a big tear into a pane too ;)

I started to plant some seedlings into bigger modules while Hubby finished off. Coriander, Parsley and Chives.

Abigail was loving being a big ball of chaos outside :)

And finally....Look at my Garlic!! Shoots from 7 of the bulbs already, woot!

So all done for now, next weekend we need to restaple some of the edges and probably reinforce a couple of the panes of polythene.

I need to spend some times this week sorting out the greenhouse interior. Just to get some workeable space in there. I'm possibly going to convert one side into a sheltered raised bed. Either way I need to remove the existing gravel from in there, Abi keeps trying to eat it :(

Time for a hot bath and a bit of World of Warcraft methinks :)

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