Sunday, 26 October 2008


This weekend, we took the Saturday off again. This is mostly my fault...I'm tired, ill and a little bit pregnant it seems :)

I'll have to make sure I wear gloves everytime I'm touching the soil, but other than that I can carry on with my veg plot plans. Just need to make sure I have plenty of tea breaks :)

On the Sunday, we fixed the Greenhouse again! We decided to removed the window frames completely as they were more rotten than we thought and just use the bare panel to polythene over. This way all the panels are the same, and it works. No more dripping on the greenhouse floor :)

We have two compost bins now :) The second one is already a third full but that should compress down quite quickly. I have an aerator coming from with the raised beds order so that should speed up the process a bit.

My garlic is going better than I thought!! I'm going to plant it straight out into the raised beds at the weekend I think.

Herbs doing well too

Gratuitous shot of my little girl playing with leaves, just because... She has fab new wellies :)

This coming week we have the top soil, raised beds kit and wheelbarrow being delivered. Saturday we're going to get it all done, my sister and her partner will be coming to give us a hand :)

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