Monday, 19 April 2010

Tea or Coffee?

Busy days are here, things are finally start to peep through the soil. We've had some fun with mice in the greenhouse stealing all of my seed from runner beans to habanero, we think the cats have finally scared them off but on the lookout and everything is doubly protected now.

After watching 'How to Grow Your Own Drugs' I was again inspired to try my hand at something a bit different and ordered some tea and coffee seeds from the interweb.

The tea seeds needed soaking for 24 hours first, I kept them in a muslin to weigh them down.

garden042010 001

Or they float a lot. This apparently means the seeds aren't as viable as they could be, but that's the interweb for you.

garden042010 002

Plant each seed with the eye horizontal

garden042010 004

Cover with an inch of compost

garden042010 006

The coffee seeds were also soaked for 24 hours.

garden042010 007

So I could remove the casing from the seed to enable it to grow.

garden042010 010

garden042010 011

Then planted into smaller pots but at the same depth as the tea.

garden042010 009

These were then placed in warmth on my bedroom windowsill as it's a pretty stable temp up there. They can take several months to germinate so these are an infuriating project for an impatient gardener like me ;)

garden042010 014

We took a break to make some more mead. This batch is an all honey recipe and is absolutely divine.

garden042010 015

garden042010 022

The vinometer says this one is around 8.5%. I'll do a proper detailed post on this at some point soon.

garden042010 023

Hops are going crazy again. Such quick growth makes up for slowmoes like the tea and coffee ;)

garden042010 025

My wisteria has lots of lovely green growth popping up

garden042010 026

Blueberries look like they're going to do well this year.

garden042010 027

My whitecurrant is really kicking off. I need to make sure we have plenty of netting for this year!

garden042010 029

My little morello cherry looks very busy :)

garden042010 031

Leaves uncurling on my apple tree

garden042010 032

New shoots coming through on the Loganberry

garden042010 035

Flowering comfrey

garden042010 037

The Camellia in the back garden, the blooms are over so quickly.

garden042010 038

Beautiful while they're here though.

garden042010 040

Abi taking a break on a new little seat for potting on, it was a telephone table and chair that we were gifted from freecycle.

garden042010 065

The Camellia in the front garden seems to have longer lasting blooms

garden042010 066

My magnolia in full glory

garden042010 067

The top of this needs trimming this year

garden042010 069

The olive tree in it's new place this year, surrounded by the Goji bushes.

garden042010 070

The herb bed showing lots of signs of life

garden042010 071

Planting the leftover potatoes into tubs.

garden042010 074

Phew, busy busy busy :)

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