Thursday, 8 April 2010

Om Nom Taters

Today is a glorious sunny day, hardly a cloud in the sky. It's beautiful.

So despite having had no sleep for about a week due to the teething nightmares from hell going on with Toby, I decided today was potato planting day.

Last year, Steve had to do the majority of the work because I was heavily pregnant. This time round, I don't have that excuse. Boooo.

So, while Toby had his lunchtime nap Abi and I went out and got started.

gardening042010 034

gardening042010 036

Some chitted taters from our next door neighbours, they ran out of room

gardening042010 038

gardening042010 039

gardening042010 040

Abi trying to plant her sunhat

gardening042010 041

The varieties we've used, for my reference as well as anyone elses....hehe

gardening042010 043gardening042010 044

gardening042010 045

gardening042010 046

gardening042010 048

gardening042010 049

gardening042010 050

Tada :)

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