Thursday, 18 February 2010

Just keep snowing, snowing, snowing.


It needs to stop snowing! I've got so much gardening I need to do, and it's too blumming cold to go outside :(

There's been another fresh set of fox footprints through the snow last night. The prints follow the same track as the ones last year, and we know that the vixen was unfortunately ran over on the dual carriageway so it looks like her cubs have taken over the territory. I know they cause a lot of damage and love digging in my raised beds, but it's still nice to see them back :)

Not sure if it's two foxes, or one fox making two trails going back and forth.

We're chicken sitting for next door, so nipped round this morning just to check they're safe and sound in their Eglu and their fine. Phew.

The only other good thing about the snow is that it should really limit the slug population this year. We'll still be using nematodes, but glad of any help in the slug war! The yeast traps we tried last year were a big messy smelly failure, but I might try a beer trap or two.

Really glad we fixed the greenhouse last weekend, I'll try and get in there over the weekend and start sowing some seeds. I might try my luck on freecycle for a greenhouse heater ;)

For those looking for a bargain, Aldi have some gardening offers this week. Ours has sold out of the citrus trees already, or I'd have picked a couple up :(


  1. Def worth trying the beer traps Binty.... worked well for me I must have drowned 100's of the little buggers......

  2. We tried the yeast traps as they're supposed to be as attractive as beer. And we wouldn't have to waste beer.

    But the darn foxes just turned them over and ate the yeast. Ugh.

    I might get some Tesco Value Ale, and try that. They're not having my Hobgoblin ;)