Saturday, 20 February 2010

All Hail the Spring ;)

We decided to do some gardening this afternoon, and just as we were about to go outside the clouds opened and we had a lovely 10 minute hailstorm. Not that it stopped us for long, hehe

Getting ready to get some seeds sown. You can see the remnants of this weeks snow still on the lawn but we gotta get growing :)


Planting on the onion seedlings into toilet roll pots


Putting potatoes into seed trays to chit, this was Abi's job. Mostly to stop her trying to plant as much seed in each hole as possible, hehe


Lots and lots of seed potatoes :)


The greenhouse starting to be stocked with seed trays. This is lettuce, onion seedlings, peas, beans and a tray of more red baron onion seeds. We eat a lot of onions, and make a lot of chutney ;) You can kinda see from the photo that we've cleared the chilli bed, we've saved two of the chilli plants that looked like they may want to give this year a go but the rest were as dead as a dodo.


Propagators full of moneymaker tomatos, tumbling tomatoes (to go into hanging baskets) and several types of chillies. I've planted Peri Peri, Jalapeno, Aurora and Funky. I'm holding off planting Habaneros until I see how well the overwintered plants have survived.



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