Saturday, 24 January 2009

Still waiting....

Well still waiting for any delivery from Marshalls...I've emailed once and called, they can only confirm it's not yet on it's way. They can't say what will be to follow, or when I can expect it...only some stuff will make it's way to me soonish. Grrrr

In contrast, Wiggly delivered within 4 days, everything except the horseradish root and there's a note on the packing note that it is to follow in spring.

Tomorrow I'll edit this note with some photo's. We're off outside to do some minor repairs to the greenhouse, turn the compost to get those wormies moving and rake some of the leaves of the raised beds.

I've also bought some Basil seeds as that was one herb missing from my last order, and I want to companion plant them with my tomatoes :)

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