Friday, 16 January 2009


Well, that's it...orders for seeds, plants and trees have been made.

I wanted to get most of our items from, but unfortunately they were out of stock of most of the bits we wanted so we went to marshalls-seeds instead.

Orders have been made for;

Yellow Radish MSC 7695 (Seed Trial)
Runner Bean Pickwick Seeds
Broccoli Early Purple Sprouting Seeds Blend
Carrot Nandor Seeds
Cucumber Ilas
Lettuce Match Seeds
Pepper Lany Seeds
Perpetual Spinach Seeds
Tomato Shirley Seeds - Cordon
Apple Tree Elstar
Cherry Tree Crown Morello
Strawberry Flamenco Plants - Everbearer
Loganberry Thornless LY654 Plant
Onion Red Baron Seeds
Herb - Collection
Herb Chives Seeds
Cabbage Mila Seeds
Cauliflower All The Year Round Seeds
Potato Charlotte Pre-chitted - Salad
Aubergine Moneymaker Seeds
Blueberry Bluecrop Bush
Chilli Pepper Jalapeno Seeds
Mint Brundall plants x 3

We still ended up going to wigglys for

Rooted Horseradish, 2 Roots

Tree Hook, 800mm - for our birdfeeder

Wiggly Seed, 3kg bag - birdseed

Metal Planter, 190mm Square Metal Planter x 2- bargain and will be for my mint.

Flower Meadow Seed Mix, 10g - I think it's a fab idea, and will help with pollenation too
Ecover Washing-up Liquid, 5 litre Lemon New Bottle

Garden is mostly planned out, will need to double check some rotation information and redo it. Then I'll scan in a pic.

Also I have a wonderful gardening book to help me plan and document what's happening.

Dodo Book

No pics on this post,because I'm too lazy to go outside for too long..hehe

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