Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Blueberry Vodka

Quick recipe for blueberry infused vodka.

Send minion to collect blueberries

Wash and place in a kilner (or any other airtight) jar.

Cover with sugar

Add cheap vodka

Close the lid and give it a really good shake up.

This makes me want a snowglobe :) I must try and get one for Abi this year.


Not quite...I'm making this at the same time as sloe gin so will treat this the same. Shake it every day for a week, every other day for a fortnight, then once a week till beginning of December. Then I'll have a taste and see if it's ready to drain off.

The leftover blueberry mush will be used as the base for a dessert syrup.

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  1. ooo please update this, it would be nice to know it works! Although from trying to make smarties vodka, I don't think it really needs that long, maybe a week at the most, but I'd imagine the longer it steeps, the better it'll be.

  2. Will update it when it's ready to drink :) I could do with a shot or two now I think, hehe

  3. This is so full of cool! Thank you for the inspiration....I am going to try this with pom seeds,cranberries and orange zest with vodka. Yum!